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Coffee's primary ingredients that are important for our health are caffeine and potassium. Nearly all of the components found in coffee are phosphorous and sodium. These may still be present in coffee add-ons such as creamers and milk.

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What is the reason instant coffee has less potassium? Instant coffee loses some nutrients due to the process.

where is caffeine on nutrition labels
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do coffee grounds have potassium

Instant coffee contains 96mg potassium per 8 oz cup. This is less potassium than regular brewed coffee but less than decaf coffee.

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It is essential to know the nutritional contents of coffee. An 8 oz. A cup of black tea contains 116mg potassium3. This is considered a food with low potassium levels. Coffee is often consumed in large quantities. Your potassium levels could be raised if you drink three to four cups of espresso per day. You can increase the potassium content of your coffee by adding creamers, milk, or other dairy products. The safest way to enjoy coffee is to have no more than 3 cups per day. Black coffee contains very little phosphorus, sodium and calories.

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Potassium can be an essential micronutrient, and is required for proper cell function. Potassium is highly reactive in water, and it produces positively charged potassiumion. These ions enable the body to conduct electrical impulses. This is critical for many body processes. 98% of the potassium present in the body comes from the cells.

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Although it isn't a common ingredient in coffee, my husband used coffee with it often. It has a similar flavor to brown sugar, but it is stronger.