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Storyteller also features her travel blog. Click Like This. Dena is a Partner at Storyteller Media. She started the publishing company with Bryan.

does coffee increase potassium levels

The nutritional levels of your coffee will vary depending on what type you're drinking. Here are the potassium levels found in two other types.

does coffee increase potassium levels
is coffee a good source of potassium

is coffee a good source of potassium

Storyteller is her blog about travel. Click Like This is a website that focuses on travel and photography. Dena is a partner in Storyteller Media, the publishing company that she founded with Bryan.

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Why is instant coffee low in potassium? Instant coffee loses some of its nutrients because of processing.

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You may need to cut down on your coffee consumption, or make changes to your coffee habits, depending on your health. Discuss any health concerns with your doctor.

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Many people love to add milk and sugar to their coffee. But, the potassium content of milk is quite high. One cup of milk has 366mg of potassium. That's three times as much potassium as one cup coffee.