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The nutrition levels can be affected by the coffee you're consuming. These are the potassium levels in other types of coffee.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) defines high as foods with a minimum 20% Daily Value (DV). Low-DV foods, which contain 5% or less, are also considered high.

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For their health, coffee is primarily made up of caffeine and potassium. Coffee is nearly devoid of any phosphorous or sodium, iron, or cholesterol. These substances may be found in coffee creamers or milk additives.

how much coffee should i drink everyday
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double donut coffee nutrition facts

Other sites may have potassium levels lower than regular coffee. This is important since I have high potassium and kidney disease.

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You can drink coffee with low levels of potassium. If you have any type of health problem (such as kidney disease), you should be careful about how much and how often you drink coffee.

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Decaf coffee has more caffeine (216mg) than instant coffee (96mg). The potassium content of coffee can be increased with the addition of sweeteners and milk.

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Potassium deficiencies can lead to high blood pressure, arthritis, and infertility.