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You are curious about potassium in coffee. We'll show you how much potassium is in regular, instant, and decaf coffees. You can also find the potassium content in six common coffee additives. We also compare coffee potassium to other foods.

An 8 oz. A 8 oz. cup of black beans contains 116mg of potassium. This is considered to be low potassium, as it only contains 2% of Daily Value. Decaf coffee contains more potassium (216mg) than instant coffee (96mg). You can increase the potassium content by adding coffee additives like sweeteners or milk.

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The nutritional content of coffee is something you should first consider. An 8 oz. A cup of black coffee contains 116 mg potassium3. This is considered low-potassium food. Many people consume more than one cup of espresso per day. A daily intake of three to four cups of coffee per day is considered high-potassium and can increase your potassium levels. The potassium content of coffee can be further increased by adding creamers and milk. It is safe to drink less than three cups per day of coffee. Black coffee is low in phosphorus, sodium, calories and carbohydrates, and therefore not worthy of nutritional consideration.

iced coffee nutrition facts
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which coffee is healthiest

This figure is based upon a teaspoon of honey weighing 21.25g. You can find between 40- 2500 mg of potassium per 100g of honey.

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According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Adequate Intakes of potassium range from 2,300 to 3,400 mg per day. This amount is dependent on gender and age.

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Except for the addition of sugars and carbohydrates, sodium is not found in coffee.

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An adult who has fully functioning kidneys should consume about 4,500mg of potassium every day. This is achievable with a normal diet.