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An 8 oz. A cup of black coffee has 116 mg potassium. This is considered low in potassium at 2% of the Daily Value. Instant coffee contains 96 mg of potassium, while decaf coffee has 216 mg. The potassium content of coffee can be increased by adding milk or sweeteners to it.

This calculation is based upon 100 grams sugar containing 133mg of potassium according to 24Mantra. A teaspoon of sugar weighs in at 4.2 grams according to Michigan State University.

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If you don't add them, they won't be present in your coffee.

does coffee have high potassium
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coffee liqueur nutrition facts

Potassium, an essential micronutrient for cellular function, is vital. It reacts strongly with water and makes positively charged potassium Ions. These ions aid in conducting electrical impulses throughout your body. This is crucial for many body functions. 98% (or 98%) of potassium in the body is located inside cells.

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According to 24Mantra, 100 grams of sugar contains 133 mg potassium. According to Michigan State University, a teaspoon of sugar is 4.2 grams.

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Coffee with high levels of potassium is safe. It is important to limit the amount of coffee you drink and how much you put into your body if you have kidney disease or other health problems.

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Here's a list of the potassium levels for common coffee additives like cream, CoffeeMate and sugar.