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Do you really need to quit coffee? It's unlikely! For healthy people, coffee is very safe.

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4 cups of coffee calories

So do you have to give up your coffee? Most likely not. You should not drink coffee if you are healthy.

4 cups of coffee calories
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pj coffee nutrition

An 8 oz. A cup of black tea contains 116 mgs of potassium. This is considered to have a low potassium content at just 2% of the Daily Value. Decaff coffee has more potassium (216mg), while instant coffee has less (96mg). Additives to coffee like sweeteners and milk can raise the potassium content.

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Are you curious about the potassium content of coffee? We will break down the potassium content of coffee, regular, decaf and instant. We'll also discuss 6 common coffee additives that contain potassium. We also compare coffee potassium to other foods.

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Does Coffee Have Potassium?

Potassium deficiency is associated with high blood pressure, digestive disorders, arthritis, infertility and other health problems.